Welcome to Cake Rx Solutions!

As healthcare and information technology become more tightly coupled, it benefits your organization to have the resources and personnel in place to properly leverage the technologies in your setting to provide effective and reliable business intelligence and analytics for decision making that impacts clinical, operational, and financial domains.

At Cake Rx Solutions, I can assist with integrating data from these different domains by providing the following services:

Stand-alone Application Development

Vendor-based software is often feature-packed and can be costly, and a simple homegrown solution may be able to meet your need at a much lower cost. I can assist your organization with developing stand-alone applications utilizing common software that may already be licensed within your organization (e.g., Microsoft Access, Visual Studio). The image to the left (click image to see an enlarged view) made use of a Microsoft Access front-end to Microsoft SQL Server, blending both medication formulary data from a popular pharmacy software system with inventory data from a Pyxis automated dispensing system. The application was used for determining hospital-wide inventories and computing total drug inventory value.

Web-based Solutions

Although stand-alone applications can offer a specific need intended for narrow audience (e.g., a single department), web-based applications offer an inexpensive alternative, capable of reaching a broader audience without the need for the installation of software across multiple platforms and the need to purchase software licenses. I can assist your organization with developing a web-based application to meet your financial or clinical needs.


Utilizing reporting tools (e.g., Crystal Reports), data from different clinical systems or clinical and financial systems can be blended into a single cohesive report. The report to the left was developed to blend both medication and lab data into a single report (click the image for an enlarged image). Here at Cake Rx Solutions, I can develop both scheduled and ad hoc reports custom tailored to meet your particular clinical or operational need.

Data Mining & Analysis

Identifying commonalities with retrospective data from different sources can often be a challenge. I can assist you with reviewing your data needs and providing data analysis solutions to assist with operational and clinical decision making.