Capsule & Tablet Identification

The oral solid dosage form identifier below utilizes the RxImageAccess RESTful web API developed by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), supplying image data for oral solid dosage medications (e.g., tablets, capsules, etc). The RxImage Access web API was developed as part of the Computational Photography Project for Pill Idenfication (C3PI). For more details, visit the following link: About C3PI

Directions for use: Use the selectors below and select/enter an appropriate number of attributes to identify tablet or capsule possibilities. Fewer attributes will result in a greater number of images being displayed. Providing imprint codes will result in the greatest specificity. If no images are available for the entered parameters, a stock image will be displayed.

Notes:Multiple colors can be selected by holding down the control key and selecting the applicable colors. The max number of images that can be displayed at one time is 100. All imprint codes must be separated with a comma.

Example #1: Entering imprint code "Mylan,1610" will yield an image of a dicyclomine HCl 10 mg capsule.

Example #2: Selecting the colors pink and gray and the capsule shape will yield both a clindamycin 150 mg capsule and a lansoprazole 30 mg capsule.

Disclaimer: The following tool is based on data provided by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). The image library has a limited number of oral solid images and is incomplete, therefore it should not be a substitute for sound clinical judgement.

Score Fragments:
Tablet/Capsule Color(s):